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Client Testimonials


"Working with Coach Bexx has been the secret sauce to leveling up not only my fitness but my overall quality of life. Over the course of the last 10 months, I’ve dropped 12 pounds, increased my muscle mass, and become more in tune with my body than I’ve ever been before. His sessions are motivating and challenging, and I always leave him in a better mood than I arrived. He is a steady and realistic coach who really wants the best for his clients."

    ⁃    Jenna M

"I started training sessions with Coach Bexx 8 months ago. I had never lifted weights and wanted to build up strength. Coach Bexx carefully assessed me and then came up with a full body weight training plan. He started me off slow and steadily increased the weights based on what I was able to do. He watches my form and challenges me to optimize the workout. I was having sessions once a week but I increased it to twice a week because of how much I enjoyed my workouts! He works with all ages and ability levels and makes sure you have a successful workout every time!  His home gym has all the equipment anyone would need for a solid workout! I would highly recommend anyone who wants to start getting stronger to come train with Coach Bexx!"

    ⁃    Priya P

"I started seeing Adam (aka Coach Bexx) almost 2 years ago now. I am one of those people that was confident I couldn't build muscle. I never succeeded when I went to a gym, tried dieting etc. Training with Adam clearly proved me wrong. I am getting compliments now from family and friends who are noticing my transformation. I feel more confident without a shirt on. I stay consistent with my workouts because Adam keeps me motivated. Also who knew that I was doing everything incorrectly at the gym. Everyone could use a personal trainer, and that trainer should be Adam!"

    ⁃    Aubrey C

"Invest in yourself - it’s worth it! I’ve been working with Coach Bexx for over a year now. I didn’t think I could progress any further than where I was at but he believed I could push myself if I truly wanted it. I’ve lost 15 pounds since then and my body composition has drastically changed! He is so positive, supportive, and encouraging. Explains the workouts really well and doesn’t make you feel silly for your questions. I owe a big thank you to him for keeping me in check! 10/10 would recommend!!!!"

    ⁃    Jackie P

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