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2% of your day is all it takes!

2% of your day. Let that sink in.

2% of your day is 30 minutes.

How many times do you hear "I just don't have enough time to workout"? This is what we call an excuse.

The real excuse should be "it's not a priority". Start prioritizing your health!

One of the main issues people have is time management. Stop thinking you need 2 hours to workout. 30 minutes is all you need.

The funny thing is, once you do the 30 min workouts, you'll realize the unbelieveable physical, but more importantly, the mental benefits of exercise.

You start with 30 min and before you know it, your at 45 minutes. And then boom, an hour!

Stop making the excuse of not having time. Everyone has 30 Minutes to move their body. Doesn't even need to be in a gym. Can be a walk, climbing some stairs in your house, dancing. ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!

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