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What is an Exercise Snack?

Don’t have the time to workout?

Exercise Snacks!

Short bursts of exercise between 1-5 minutes.

Running up your stairs at home, lifting that case of water a few extra times.

Those 5 minute snacks can add up to 30 minutes of exercise quickly!

What’s your excuse now?

Honestly, I believe saying you don’t have time to workout is a BS excuse. Everyone has 30 minutes in a day to do something form of exercise

But let’s say for argument sake, you don’t.

There is this thing called “Exercise Snacks”. It’s short bursts of exercise lasting 1-5 minutes.

For instance, running up your stairs at home. You’re emptying your dryer from laundry, pick up that full bin and extra few times. Unloaded groceries (don’t do all them at once. This makes you go back to the car a few more times).

See the trend?  Everyday things can constitute some exercise.

You do 6 of these things for 5 minutes and you’ve just exercised for 30 minutes.

Now you really have no excuse 😉

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