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Peanut Butter is NOT a source of Protein!

Let’s end the debate here!

Peanut butter is NOT a healthy protein snack.

STOP IT!  Stop it right now. No it’s not. Yes you’re wrong 😑.

High in fat. High in calories. Low in protein. There is no debate. It’s literally on the label lol.

Anyone who knows anything just thinks you’re a moron if you eat peanut butter for protein.

Have you ever measured out a Tablespoon (15g) of peanut butter which is the serving size on the label?

It’s the same as oil. Practically nothing. No one ever used a tablespoon. Literally no one.

So stop it.

Look, if you love peanut butter, then have some but don’t justify it to get protein in.

Use PB2. It’s a powder peanut butter that you add water too. Tastes almost the same for legit a fraction of the calories. Now that’s a healthy snack.

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