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You are way more likely to injure yourself on PEDs.

Fun fact:

You are way more likely to injure yourself on PEDs.


Because when you’re natty, your muscles, tendons & joints, get stronger together.

When on 🧃, your muscles get bigger and stronger but your tendons and joints can’t keep up.

You see all these videos of people tearing their pecs bench pressing?  Or biceps do preacher curls?  Well, the preacher curl one can happen more often by improperly doing the exercise.

But anyways, when you’re a natural lifter, your muscles get bigger. While that’s happening, your tendons and joints are also getting stronger.

Now, when you’re on PEDs (🧃), you get very strong very quickly. You can do a years worth of progress in a month. Crazy, I know. Problem is, you get super strong but your tendons and joints don’t. At a natural you increase the weight slowly, allowing those secondary things to get stronger.

But on 🧃, you can increase your benchpress 100lbs in a month. No chance your tendons and joints can handle that. Enter injury.

This is why jumping on gear when you’re 19 is probably the dumbest thing you can do.

Reach your genetic potential first. Not only do you get to see what you can do naturally, but you allow all those secondary things to get strong which in turn will reduce your risk of injury.

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